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Basic mistakes of a beginner poker player

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Beginner player in the first rounds in online poker can be compared to a minefield – you never know where and when you will be lucky man. An inexperienced player moves at random or acts according to the recommendations memorized by heart and, of course, wrong …In fact, online poker is a constant risk and …

Payout percentage (RTP) and slot variance

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The payout percentage and variance are the two the most important mathematical characteristics of a gaming machine. They are basically affect how much and how often you win. However, in practice this is a bit more complicated. But I will try to explain to you. Payout percentage (RTP) RTP (Return to Player, as well as …

How do bookmakers deceive?

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Any market relationship, one way or another, implies a dishonest game of one of the parties. In the sphere of sports betting, fraudulent actions of the participants are most often encountered, and sometimes even the mDost popular and large bookmakers come dishonestly towards their clients. It’s easy to guess that customers who win do not …