Basic mistakes of a beginner poker player

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Beginner player in the first rounds in online poker can be compared to a minefield – you never know where and when you will be lucky man. An inexperienced player moves at random or acts according to the recommendations memorized by heart and, of course, wrong …In fact, online poker is a constant risk and inevitable mistakes. To win here is not to play brilliantly, but simply to allow fewer mistakes than your opponent. There are mistakes that can be avoided that we’ll look at each of them.

  1. Playing the bankroll
    Often even experienced players for some reason start playing games above the recommended values for their bankroll, what can we say about beginners … Obviously, such an ill-considered action leads to the loss of all money. On the winning in this case, and there can be no question.
  2. The game in a depressed state
    Whenever you decide to play online poker, especially for real money, you need to get as far as possible from the inner worries. Problems at work, in the family or in private life are not compatible with playing poker. As a result, having started the game in this state, most likely you will just disrupt your anger and play aggressively. This behavior, as a rule, ends sadly – you will make reckless decisions on emotions and, as a result, remain “with nothing.”
  3. A game with a low kicker
    Beginners often forget that in case of equality of two players for the main combination, the winner in the game will be determined by the kicker – the second card. That is why an ace with a double-nine is often considered a minus combination. On large tables there is a very big chance that someone is playing an ace with a higher kicker – accordingly, you will be beaten.
  4. Play for money, which is not exist
    The main fail of gamers is deceive yourself, playing to get money without existence of real money. The hope of getting rich, help players sometimes risk the last money and, of course, lose. Then it will be worse – debts, discord in the family and a depressed mental state. If you still want to play for real money and experience real adrenaline, play, but in advance determine the amount that you do not mind losing. Do not violate the established limit at all.
  5. Misunderstanding of dispersion and distance
    An inexperienced player often draws conclusions on two or three days of play. This is wrong conclusion, since the variance in poker can lead to a situation where the right game turns into losses within a week or more. So you need to realize that distance is important.
  6. Ignorance of the rules and conditions of the game
    Either this is laziness, or elementary irresponsibility, but many newcomers do not even bother to set aside 10 minutes to familiarize themselves with the rules and conditions of the game in a particular casino. Each institution has its own rules and, starting to play any gambling in this institution, you automatically agree to all conditions. Fact – 90% of the defeats are caused precisely by the ignorance of the players’ conditions and rules.
    Thus, we can conclude that playing online poker is necessary with a clear understanding that it will not bring you the desired results in the form of large amount of money. This is just a goodway to have fun!