Guide to online slots – slot machines from A to Z

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Nowadays slots are the most familiar entertainment in the casino. The owners of a such games in their casino say that it is the easiest way to get money from people who want to win, but the randomizer often does not allow them to do it. The basic rules of which have not changed since 1899, when Charles Fay set up the first slot machine. The player bets and rotates a set of reels with symbols. Each of these rotating drums stops in a random order. The player wins if the drums stop so that they form a line with the same symbols. The high of winning amount depends on the less often appearance of winning symbols.
At present, the randomness of mechanically stopped drums is replaced by random numbers generated by the computer, but the principles remain the same. These principles are observed by each licensed gaming provider. Randomization in slots has several very interesting consequences, and it is important for every advanced player to know them.

How do machines work?
Most online slots still use drums to display the result of each spin. Considering the fact that the results on the reels are issued by a computer, game math still contains 3 to 5 character sets (virtual drums) that stop at random positions. Why change something that worked so well for years? Modern online slots have many new features that would not have been possible with mechanical drums. The symbols “Wild”, “Scatter”, free backs, bonus rounds and much more.

RNG generates a random number
The mathematical game module selects a random number and calculates where the reels stop. The game stops the drums in certain positions and calculates the result of rotation. The result of the spin is then displayed to the player who initiated it. Your victory (or defeat) in each round is determined solely by your luck. The result does not depend on your previous wins or losses, nor on the winnings or losses of other players. This is a game of chance in its pure form.
It is not superfluous to explain how randomizers work (RNG). Modern randomizers that are used in online casinos are specialized hardware devices that generate random numbers from electromagnetic noise. It’s like an old TV without a signal – lots of black and white dots. The black pixel is 0, the white pixel is 1. Take a snapshot of the small part of the TV screen, convert the pixels to 1 and 0, write them into a text file, and you will get a random number.
The randomizer generates thousands of random numbers every second. Therefore, on the one hand, you can influence the result of the next round by clicking the button a second later. However, you have no chance to predict whether the result will be better for you or not. Thus, fair randomness is preserved.

You can ask: if slots cannot be manipulated, how do casinos make money on them?
The answer is simple: The gambling machines are designed in such a way that they pay out in the long run less than the players put.