How do bookmakers deceive?

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Any market relationship, one way or another, implies a dishonest game of one of the parties. In the sphere of sports betting, fraudulent actions of the participants are most often encountered, and sometimes even the mDost popular and large bookmakers come dishonestly towards their clients. It’s easy to guess that customers who win do not like anywhere. Therefore, the attitude towards them will be appropriate. If you already make bets in any bookmaker office and after reading this material, reveal at least one sign of its fraud, then you will finally have an occasion to think about whether it is worth continuing to cooperate with this institution.

Infinite limits
If the player wins several times in a row, then the bookmaker starts paying close attention to him. The bookmaker has a fear that the client deceives him. In any case, such a player is not needed, it is simply an unprofitable case. Each office works only for one purpose – to get rich at the expense of an insatiable client. The first thing that the bookmaker is taking is trimming the limit. First, within reasonable limits, and then more and more. Quite often, when the maximum bet limit is cut as much as 0.1 dollars. Obviously, in this case there cannot be any winnings.

Delay the payment of winningsBookmakers d
In the rules, probably every bookmaker office can “freeze” your payouts in the event that the bookmaker has any suspicions of your dishonesty, for example, money laundering by fraudulent means or using special programs. After “freezing” your account, you will most likely get your money. From a legal point of view, the office does not violate the law, because money is paid to the player, and all this is spelled out in the rules on the site.

Robber from offshore
Most offices register their activities in offshore zones in order to reduce the amount of taxes. If good bookmakers work under the licenses of the Isle of Man, Malta or Curacao, most of the non-respectable establishments get permission to operate in the so-called offshore areas. Like other offices, this bookmaker can also unexpectedly suspect you of fraud. Only in this case, there is no guarantee that you will generally get your money back. Most likely, your account will simply be frozen forever, and it will simply not be easy to send a complaint, because often such offices indicate an invalid address.

Block inactive accounts
In the majority of the rules there is a provision that if a user does not visit the site for a certain time, then his account is automatically blocked. All money on the account becomes the property of the bookie. The terms of the lock are different everywhere. On average, 9-12 months. However, some institutions block accounts after 1-3 months of inactivity. Therefore, before placing bets in a particular office, be sure to specify the term of account blocking.

Thieves disguised as hackers
Imagine the situation – you go to your account and understand that all money on your account disappeared. After that, you, of course, contact the support service, where they will most likely tell that this misunderstanding was due to the Trojan virus. Thus, you are informed that you are to blame for the loss of your money. In fact, it’s all a cunning plan of the office. They purposely write your money off the account and hide behind a supposedly virus. To prove something in this situation is almost impossible, and you will have to accept it.